Case Studies Involving Tenants of a Single, Unregulated Residential Rental
Property in Columbia, Tennessee: 2004-2009

Case Study Introduction

The following is one of a series of many case study accounts of loud, vulgar, disruptive, dangerous and
violent conduct of tenants of a single, unregulated residential rental property in my Riverside

Other Case Studies of tenant conduct at this same address include descriptions of behaviors which
led to multiple arrests of tenants at this same rental property  for Aggravated Assault(s), Car Theft,
Probation Violations, Outstanding Warrants and assorted Public Disturbances.

The landlord's response to my complaints about the conduct of his tenants was the following:

"Jus' go on an' quit botherin' people."

In my further appeals to the Municipal Government of the City of Columbia to take some
sort of remedial hold the landlord accountable for the habitual misconduct of his tenants...
the response was about the same as that of the landlord, to wit:
 "Jus' go on an' quit botherin' people."

The Mayor, Bill Gentner, the City Manager, Paul Boyer, the Zoning Director, David Holderfield, the
Building Inspector, Johnny McClanahan and the City Council under the advice of the City Attorney, Tim
Tisher, all have the same response to my appeals for remedy:
 "Our hands are tied."

I have asked all of the above-mentioned Public Servants of our City to explain their rationale
for their committed position of non-intervention.  

I ask them,
"Why do you do this?"

The Mayor(Bill Gentner)
told me the Tennessee State Constitution prohibits Tennessee
Cities from controlling such abuses.

The City Manager(Paul Boyer) told me the Tennessee State Law prohibits local
governments in Tennessee from intervening in such matters of residential rental abuses.

The City Attorney(Tim Tisher) told me nothing.  As a matter of Policy the City Attorney does
not respond to inquiries from citizens.

These Public Servants were and still are reticent to provide legal cites, statutes or articles from  
any source to substantiate  City "hands-off" Public Policies to rental landlord abuses.

(Note: City Manager Paul Boyer eventually supplied the following cite:
   Tennessee Code Annotated-TCA 13-21-314)

At each step I am fed some form of Orwellian "duck-speak" of circular reasoning and
misdirection of disinformation.

          "We do this because this is what we do."


Case Studies:

What follows is one of many such case studies I have recorded in my research into this phenomenon.

I have on multiple occasions given the Landlord of this rental residence and every member of the City
Council, Mayor, Vice-Mayor, City Manager and City Attorney hard copies of similar reports of tenant
conduct at this rental residence.

The Landlord's response was this:
         He ordered me not to send him any more of these documents.

 "' don't send me any more letters."

Response from the City Government has been and still is superficial and ultimately meaningless.
I will describe all of this in other articles in this website.

The following Case Study follows a single rental tenant through a series of ongoing disruptive
behaviors I have documented in my personal journals which are substantiated by City of Columbia  
Police Reports, Police Call Sheets and County Court Documents.

I also have actual, on-site, video and photo documentation of many of these incidents.
(note: see Civics Movie link)
To Whom It May Concern

In regard to:
City of Columbia Police Report:
Incident # 2008-003904
Offense Description: NOISE COMPLAINT

In addition to the Police Report of 8JUN08 I wish to add the following testimony and evidence.

1MAY08-10:01pm-Thursday night

I am in my front yard.
From next door I hear shouting of male and female voices coming from the front yard of this six(6) dwelling unit
residential property rental.

I see a young, male of African descent walking away from the scene as he yells back to someone:

                             You ain’t got no fuckin’ respect!

Through the rest of the night I hear a woman’s voice screeching loudly through the night such as the following:
                       I don’t need no mutherfucker callin me….etc...
   (At points she sounds like she’s crying and yelling at the same time.  It is a                                
pathetic scene. For example the following passage was shouted while she was sobbing)

                       He stays here all day and never helps out with anything!!
                       And that’s why we argue so much…etc...

I don’t know to whom she is speaking but her descriptions are loud and ongoing.
This mode continues on and off for maybe an hour.  I don’t remember hearing other voices but there seems to
have been someone there to listen.

All of this is interspersed with the woman’s vocabulary of profanities.
And too much of it was loud enough for me to understand the conversation from remote locations
inside my house
and/or in my own front yard.

10:51pm- I hear a loud, I think male voice making what I describe as a loud, sudden “yawping” sound.
This happens twice and then no more.

A car arrives and parks on the front lawn.
The woman directs her screeching to whomever this arrival is.

                      You ain’t been workin all day and you
                              come in wantin ta eat…!!!

                               That’s fucked up!
                               That’s fucked up!!

This new arrival reinvigorates the woman and she gets louder and more aggressive.

The male voice is now added to the scene and they both continue shouting until

2MAY08-Friday morning-around 10-11am
I am in my West-side yard.
This side of my property is adjacent to the multi-unit rental property under discussion.

Among other things I was photographing my ongoing landscaping and gardening progress.

I have a small, digital camera in my hand.

As I move into the part of my yard toward the street a young man comes running toward me in what I consider to be
a menacing manner.

His face is bruised and he has an orange cast on his right hand.

He yells:
                  Hey , buddy, what are you taking pictures of?

I am fearful for my safety so I say something to confuse him…and this seems to subdue him.  

Then he mutters a follow-up which sounds like:

                 I thought you were taking pictures of her…

I say, “What?”

And he mutters:
                                      …and he skulks away taking another bite of his yogurt.

It turns out this "guardian of privacy" is Robert Evert Barclay, Jr.
aka  "Junior"...26 years old, Habitual Offender in
Columbia Court System since he was a juvenile.

This is the same young man who, it turns out, was the young man who had just the night previously been yelling,
fighting, screaming obscenities until 11:30 pm outside my open kitchen window.

And now here he is the next day running up to me in a menacing manner apparently to bring MY behavior into line
his standards of conduct.

I don’t know how long he had been “living” there, sponging off his girlfriend, before this incident; but this was my
first encounter with this young man.

I am to discover later that he feels I  have been, in his words:

                      …always takin’ pictures of everybody.

I don’t know how he came to that conclusion.

Later-4JUN08-Sunday Afternoon-I reported both of these incidents to City Patrolmen Knudson and Ward.


As a result of another incident-7JUN08-Saturday night-I prepared and delivered the following document to
Police Chief Barry Crotzer.

(ATTN: Police Chief Barry Crotzer)

RE: Disturbance
7JUN08-Saturday night- around  8:50pm

There is a gathering of several men in and around the rental dwelling unit #5 on the East side of the Vandiver
Property Rental, six(6)-unit, multi-plex structure adjacent to my property.

The door to dwelling unit #5 is open and the area is well lighted by both interior and exterior lights.

As I enter my kitchen I cannot help but be aware of the loud, vulgar voice coming from the dwelling unit #5.

The doorway to this dwelling unit #5 is thirty-five(35) feet from my open kitchen window.

The following is a
partial account of some of the offensive behavior I witnessed that night.

7JUN08-Saturday night-8:50pm-
I am in my kitchen which has an open window facing the adjacent property, a six(6) dwelling-unit, 2,700 square foot,
residential rental proerty owned and operated by a local corporate business, Vandiver Property Rental.

A young white male, early 20’s, 6ft, 180lbs, close-cropped beard, short hair, no shirt; khaki shorts is standing in the
doorway to this dwelling unit #5.

I first hear a loud laughter from this young man as he is loudly telling a story:
                 (loud laughter) …

...jacking off on his stomach!…
                (more laughter)

As the story progresses he makes gestures to illustrate.
      Hell no this  big ol’ son of a bitch was hangin around me..
      for a while...
       I like him goddamn…
        (A change of mood)
       You already fuckin know that…
       That sonuva bitch…
       I ain’t worried about who the fuck you are!
You better not take no more pictures of me no goddamn fuckin’....more…!
       That sonuvabitch…*

        (Another voice joins in)
        I (unintelligible) that sonuvabitch!...

(*The “you” and the “son-of-a-bitch”
in question in this passage, I believe, is in reference to ME, the owner-
adjacent to this rental property; and reflects this young man’s unhealthy preoccupation with
what I, the next-door neighbor, do or do not do during his brief tenure as a
guest/tenant at this property.

This and other things this young man have done cause me to fear for my safety to be in my own yard.)

Later: He continues:

            I bet Wanda
is a bitch
          Go on lick that pussy, Wayne..
     eat that stuff…goddamn..
(out on sidewalk)

Boy I tell ya I’m gonna take a pee I be back in a minute

("Junior" stops his yelling as he moves about ten(10) feet down the sidewalk)
Voices continue inside-with the young man taking a break to piss on my bushes. Other voices from within dwelling
unit #5 continue in Junior's absence.
After 50 seconds the young man returns to the conversation.
When he starts up again he is on another, higher level of loudness. What follows seems to be a subject he takes
seriously. His voice starts loudly, suddenly and emphatically from the first syllable:

      And I’ll kill fuckin’ Barach Obama and Hillary Clinton if they git….                        
      If John McCain don’t get it we’re in a world of fuckin’ shit.
                   (louder…more emphatic tone of voice)
      I don’t give a fuck!
      Would you rather have a Republican, a nigger, or a bitch…get in?
 (continues… unintelligible)
      Barach Obama’s a fuckin’ nigger an’ I ain’t havin’ no fuckin’ nigger…etc

(In all of this the young man is debating Wayne, one of the four(4) adult male tenants of this one-room, 350 square-
foot dwelling unit #5.  Wayne’s voice is loud; but because of his throat condition and lack of teeth I cannot
understand the words he says.  When he speaks he sounds like an elderly dog barking.)

9:26pm- "Junior" continues:

      …She get my gun…(unintelligible)  impound…
      that fucker come around…Fuck that bitch, man…
The same young man is on another subject now.
He is now pacing the sidewalk...getting further away from the open door to dwelling unit #5.
He has to raise his voice even more to make sure the occupants of the dwelling unit #5 can hear him from outdoors:

        Fuckin’ mutherfucker…
        Fuckin’ bitch…
        She’s in Culleoka…
        Fuckin’ bitch…stupid bitch
        Motherfuckin’ bitch…etc
(this line of thought continues for quite a while...)

The young man seems agitated and angry.. his voice has risen and he is out on the sidewalk.

       I’ll talk about her anyway I fuckin’ want…

( a mood change here)
      Whadya do with it? (joking)
      Awww. You fucked it off!
      You fucked that son of a bitch too hard…
      Too big ..I gotta go...
          (Wayne speaks-unintelligible)

The next day, 8JUN08, Sunday afternoon, I called Columbia City Police to report the incident.

City Patrolman Brian Goats responded.
I gave him a brief report in which I claimed the men next door were loud, using profanity, talking about girls and

I asked him to make a
Police Report including identities so that I could file a complaint/press charges with the
Magistrate, on the next working day, Monday, 9JUN08.

Officer Goats said he wasn’t sure what he could do since he was not there to witness the events himself.

Be that as it may, when I checked at the Police Station on the following Monday there was no report available for
me to take to the magistrate.

I am depending on City Police reports as evidence in lawsuits I am pursuing to remedy the ongoing Rental Property
Abuses inflicted upon me as a result of this disorderly rental property next door to me.  This is a property of
Vandiver Property Rentals, a Residential Rental Corporation owned and operated by Kendall and Adrienne

Please keep this document on file so that I may testify in Court that I at least notified City Police of this event.

(This ends the document to Chief Crotzer)


Subsequently, as I was procuring the
following weekend’s Police Reports for this same address I noticed City
Patrolman Goats had in fact made a
Police Report of the 7JUN08 event.

This young man, Robert, aka "Junior", has become, subsequently to 7JUN08,  so disruptive and aggressive to the
other tenants at this address that I now fear for
their safety.

Included are
Police Reports I have acquired up to this date 24JUN08.

Also included are copies of
General Sessions Court Docket appearances of Robert Barclay, Jr. aka "Junior."

Mrs. Edminson at the County Court Clerk’s Office said some of the cases are ambiguous as to whether
specific appearances were for Robert (Junior) or his father, Robert (Senior.)

I included 18 of the
Court Docket records which specifically refer to “Junior” as the defendant.

The other 15 Docket Records are non-specific which was the defendant...the father or the son.

These Docket Records reflect a history of
DUI, Aggravated Burglary,  Assault and other offenses.

Whatever the Court did to "Junior" in the past did not have the desired effect.

(In Regard to Aggravated Burglary)

In regard to two related but separate Police Reports of two other tenants, Daniel Floyd Cates in #5  and Sport
Brewer in #6.
Both of these middle-aged men had their dwelling units entered and burglarized in broad daylight on separate days.

Both men have reason to believe and, in fact, do believe that it was "Junior"  who took Mr. Brewer’s electronic
equipment and who took Mr. Cate’s hamburger meat and brown eggs.

They can’t prove it but Wanda told Floyd she saw "Junior"...
after the fact, with some brown eggs on his kitchen
counter (or something to that effect) and eating hamburger.

The reason I know this is NOT because of my investigative skills.
These men volunteer this information to me without my prompting.
Mr. Brewer, a retired gentleman, said to me point blank without my asking him:

                    “That boy took my VCR."

I was told this as I was retreiving my own stolen ladder from a shed on this rental property where I believe
"Junior" had stashed it until he could haul it off to sell it.  This ladder is a heavy, folding ladder and none of the
other tenants would have been able to manage folding and moving the ladder.  The ladder had been in use,
unfolded and propped against the West side of my studio house at the time it was stolen.  This area is directly
adjacent to the rental property and fourty(40) feet from the shed in which it had been stashed.

Floyd(of dwelling unit #5) had come over to my front door to tell me he had discovered my ladder in this shed.

In addition to the above testimony the following is information I provided to the Tennessee State
Prosecutor handling the following cases:

In regard to two(2)  Police Reports
(Both on the same date 20JUN08)                

Incident # 2008-004122
Reporting Officer: 4422-Joshua Garner
Aggravated Burglary


Incident #2008-004112
Reporting Officer: 4362-Jeremy Humphrey
Simple Assault-Physical Contact

I have something to add as a witness.

20JUN08-Friday Night-around 8:00pm
This young man, "Junior", is marching around in the front yard, still yelling, still personally intimidating at least
three(3) other tenants on the scene and at the same time had four(4)
Columbia City Patrolmen standing around
him in the front yard.

The Patrolmen were in the yard partially in response to this young man’s
Simple Assault-Physical Contact upon
another tenant, Wanda Webster. This woman is just another tenant and she is not involved domestically with this
young man. She was just there.

And while
four(4) City Police Officers are standing there watching him he is STILL being aggressive and
intimidating to this poor woman.

 Don’t you ever yell in my face like that again!!
                      ( He shouts this “in her face”)

The male is 6’1”, 180 and he is  physically confronting her with his body positioning. He towers over her.

To another tenant he yells:

Don’t you threaten me!

And as the EMR(Emergency Medical Response) vehicle is arriving to treat the woman "Junior" has just
…Junior begins mocking her openly and loudly:

                   There’s your ambulance, Wanda!

His behavior is deplorable.

(There are other instances I have documented in which "Junior" is storming around the yard proclaiming loudly
what he will or will not “have” in the place where
he lives!
He seems to have appointed himself as
Sergeant-at-arms of the “Common Area.”

And the “Common Area” apparently includes my front yard as well.)

He is yelling about what has been taken/stolen from him.

This is another one of the reasons the
City Patrolmen were there,

“Junior” (Robert Evert Barclam, Jr) had called to report an
Aggravated Burglary.

(The Aggravated Burglary
was probably committed by the disgruntled ex-girlfriend returning to get some
compensation for all the money she spent supporting him while he stood around in the front yard all day smoking
cigarettes and bullying the other tenants).

           They took my shotgun and my pistol and my percosets!!

He is yelling this to the City Patrolmen and EMR Personel responding to the combination
Aggravated Burglary/Simple Assault-Physical Contact/ Emergency Medical Response
scene taking place outside my kitchen window.

I am not too much for Gun Control but in this young man’s case I will make an exception.

I want to know how an
Habitual Offender such as this disturbed young man has registered firearms in the first

This young man is dangerous.

I know he’s violent both from observation and
Public Record.

I do not want him around me.

I especially do not want him around me with
alcohol, unregistered firearms, lots of free time and whatever
medications(percosets) he is on.

If through virtue of the latest offenses committed by "Junior" he is incarcerated, disarmed, and subsequently does
not return to the unregulated rental property next door to my residence I will be pleased.

If this emotionally-disturbed young man returns to this rental property and is left to his own devices to manage
his anger, his liquor, his medications, deadly weapons and unemployment then this will not be acceptable
to me.

I think "Junior" might be in the custody of the
Sheriff’s Office at this time. I don’t know where he is.

The Police Reports of 20JUN08 mention another incident in which he was arrested earlier that same day at
some other location.

I haven’t checked his status today (24JUN08) with the Sheriff’s Office.
I haven’t heard him (since 20JUN08) out yelling in the yard about his victimization at the hands of the State.

I’m the one who was robbed and you’re gonna take me to jail?!

I assume the reason I haven’t heard him is because he is physically not on the premises.

I ask the Court(Maury County General Sessions Court) to issue an appropriate restraint measure to insure
this young man stay a safe distance from me, the adjacent property owner to this unregulated rental property.

By “safe distance” I mean out of shotgun and pistol range.

(This document prepared this day 24JUN08)

As a result of Maury County General Sessions Court  proceedings Robert Evert Barclam, Jr. was released on
probation with "time served" ---about six(6) days in
Maury County Jail.

I was told by the State Prosecutor that "Junior" would be further issued a "No Contact" order to stay away from
me, the only witness for the Prosecution, for a year.

In this matter none of the rental tenants would testify against "Junior."

This Case Study is one of many case study accounts of loud, vulgar, disruptive, dangerous and violent
conduct of tenants of a single, unregulated residential rental property in my Riverside neighborhood.

The landlords of this property remain recalcitrant and have threatened to have
me arrested for
Criminal Trespass.
(note: add TCA cite)(add link to notice)

I have had my final warning...according to a recent written document from the
operators of the Residential Rental Corporation of interest.

(Photocopies of the actual letter reproduced at bottom ot this page)

I must cease whatever it is that I have done to offend the tenants and the rental landlords of this
multi-unit, unregulated residential rental property.

If I do not ...I will
"face prosecution" .....according to the document...see insert on HOME page.

The Landlords of Vandiver Rental Properties, with over 140 rental properties in the City, will order
Columbia Sheriff's Deputies to come to my door, read a warrant to me charging me with the crime of
Criminal Trespass, take me into custody, handcuff my hands behind my back and take me to the Maury
County Jail.

There I will remain until such time as I can make bail or until my Court Docket comes up.

There in General Sessions Court I will have to answer for the offenses for which I have been arrested
and jailed.

Criminal Trespass in Tennessee is a Class C Misdemeanor with fines and substantial jail time involved.

Also, I will be required to pay the rent for dwelling units vacated as a result of my attempts to attain
relief from the City Government of Columbia, Tennessee.

It doesn't look good for me.

Public Officials of my City Government remain vague and unresponsive...other than to say:
"Our hands are tied."

More Case Studies to come.

Check out "You're Welcome, Columbia" for City responses to these Case Studies.

We, The Governed
are interested in YOUR Case Study and we have established a confidential
method for you to add your story to our Public Awareness Campaign.

Your privacy will be maintained if you wish.

But the key to Public Awareness is Public Disclosure.
We want to publish your stories on this website.

We are especially interested in Case Studies in which your appeals to your City Officials have been met
with all talk and no action.

We need people willing to testify in a Court in a venue removed from our local Court System.

Objective:  To hold our City Government accountable for its committed,  institutionalized
acquiescence in these matters.



Write your story about
residential rental abuses in your neighborhood and send them to:

The Governed
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      Or call our
We, The Governed, Hotline at:
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(Note: This document contains transcriptions of actual language and
descriptions of actual conduct of tenants residing at this property.
If you don't want to be offended then don't read it.)