Public Service Announcement-5
Delivered 18AUG11
City Council Meeting
Columbia, Tennessee

Re: Code Violation Report to Council as per advice from IPMC Spokesman
Minutes will follow.

I spoke without a script or notes.

Objective: Code Violation Report to City Council Members
               Re: 105 Riverside Drive, Columbia, Tennessee

        In the past, as least since 2007, when I have made reports of trash debris and junk on the
105 Riverside Drive residential rental property next door to my Riverside property the
City of Columbia Codes Enfocement Administration, Director Johnny McClanahan, have been
unresponsive to these complaints.

Following procedure I went up the Chain of Command to see if this unresponsiveness was isolated at
the Department level, i.e.: at the point of the Administrator of Codes Enforcement.

It was not.

My meetings with City Manager Paul
"That's not Going to Happen-Not while We're Here" Boyer proved
fruitless and a study in City Official non-responsiveness.

The City Manager then, at my request, made a statement that whatever it was that they,
the CEA Director and the City Manager, were doing...
...that whatever it was that they were doing was done with the approval of City Attorney Tim Tisher.

CEA Director McClanahan wrote that he considered the matter closed.

I don't.

Insert response from  International Codes Council

               Kermit Robison, Senior Consultant

     Re: Chain of Command suggested procedure

Mr. Robison suggests addressing City Council members once
unsatifactory results have been obtained from staff and Senior regard to local code violation complaints.

And that is what I have done.
Below are seen 18AUG11 photos of 105 Riverside property of interest.
This property is owned and operated by Vandiver Property Rentals which has at last count 140 such
rental properties mainly located in distressed East Side, Highland and Riverside neighborhoods.

This is the property I have advised 18AUG11 City Council members that I request a proper
inspection and full compliance to the character of a residential neighborhood in Columbia,
The sofa pictured below has been in this yard
for 14 months at this 18AUG11 date.
 (insert first photos from 2010)
This 105 Riverside Drive property of interest is directly across the street from a new
entrance to the new Duck RiverWalk Park...a work in progress.

The front yard of this residential property is used as a parking lot for tenants of the
six(6) rental units in an R-10 building which properly should be a single family

Behold the Duck River
Below is seen a recent
addition to Riverside
Drive... a free-standing
bathroom for Riverwalk
click on any image to enlarge
The irony of the City of Columbia "Family" Government falling all
over themselves to enhance the "quality of life"
       by spending $7 million dollars on "The Riverwalk"
                    while at the same time
                               falling all over themselves to protect the interests of
                                             malign, large-landholder Property Managers
                                                           seems to be lost upon our City Council members.