Today is Tuesday

Mr. Massey;

As a courtesy to you I am asking you once again
to respond personally to my inquiry as seen below.

I am not interested in what your Head Building Official
has to say about to say about this issue.

Your Head Building Official says to me,
in effect, "I am not held accountable for
the consequences of my acts.
And the reason I am not held accountable for my acts
is because I am not held accountable for my acts
by any language in the
2006 International Property Maintenance Code."

This circular reasoning is not only absurd;
it is insulting.

Further, beyond insulting my personal sensitivities,
this lack of accountability has led to my personal endangerment
from anti-social rental tenants who are the only people
willing to live in the squalor enabled by an acquiescent
Office of the Head Building Official.

And if this personal endangerment has happened to me,
as a result of City of Columbia "Blind-eye" Public Policy,
then it has happened to many citizens within the City.

I know this is true because I have interviewed many of these other citizens.

I understand that when you, Tony Massey,
enter a new workplace that you want
to show respect to veteran employees
and to whatever established group dynamic you may have entered.

I believe you have been Chief Executive of
my City long enough now to have gotten your feet wet.

I want you to understand clearly the following.

When you, as Chief Executive of the City in which I live,
condone with impunity the incompetency of your subordinates,
then that must lead me to question your competency as
Chief Executive.

I cannot overlook this.

If you do not intend to address this matter
then please have the courtesy to reply
that you do not intend to respond further.

Tim Yeager


Subject: Accountability: Office of the Head Building Official
Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2014 00:04:37 -0500

Today is Thursday

RE: Lack of Accountability: Developmental Services Building Officials

Mr. Massey;

Today, 10JUL14, will be the 3rd time I have made this request
to you as City Manager of my City, Columbia, Tennessee.

On 08MAY14, nine(9) weeks ago, I explained my rationale
for my demand for relief from arbitrary City of Columbia
public policy in regard to Code Enforcement inspection policy.

On 03JUL14 I again asked for your response.

I think you should understand this is not a rhetorical request.

I am a citizen of Columbia.

And I consider myself a chronic victim of the effects of
City of Columbia Managerial ineptitude, complacency
and "blind-eye" codes and zoning enforcement.

The operative word there is "victim."
And I assure you I take this very seriously.

If you intend to respond then please respond.

If you do not intend to respond to my inquiry then
simply say that you do not intend to respond.

I expect at least a courtesy response from you
by the end of this day, Thursday, 10JUL14.

Otherwise I will assume you do not intend to respond
to my inquiry concerning the lack of accountability
of Building and Zoning Officials
within the Developmental Services Department
of the Municipal Corporation of Columbia Tennessee.

Tim Yeager
388 3961

(The following is text from my original 08MAY14 request for a
statement of position from Tony Massey, City Manager, City of Columbia.)

Mr. Massey, I demand that the City of Columbia adopt
a procedure by which an aggrieved citizen may challenge the
ongoing acquiescent code enforcement procedures of the
the Office of the Head Building Inspector.

It is illogical and irrational to
have the only evaluation of the official acts of the Head Building Official
to be made by the Head Building Official himself.

I also believe it is illogical and irrational
as well as illegal to cite the absence of language in the
2006 Property Maintenance Code
as rationale to provide total unaccountability to
the Head Building Official of the Office of the Head Building Official.

Mr. Massey, if you, as City Manager of my city, intend to
continue to support the current lack of accountability
currently enjoyed by City Zoning and Building Officials
in code enforcement procedures which continue to
degrade, devalue and endanger
the lives of citizens in my town,
then I want to know.

Please respond one way or another,

Tim Yeager
388 3961
The following are emails to Tony Massey, City Manager, City of Columbia.

I made my first inquiry on this subject, employee accountability, 08MAY14 more
than two(2) years ago.

I have yet to receive a response and I no longer expect a civil response from City
Manager Massey.

Today is 23MAY16 and CM Massey has yet to respond.

I'd like to have a City Manager of
my town who doesn't require a Court Order to
respond to the citizens he works for.

I'm trying to help Mr. Massey understand this.